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Maylands Just Got (Even) Cooler With New Microbrewery Nod

Well, Maylands just got cooler.

The Bayswater Council gave the green light to a new development, which includes a boutique micro-brewery, on Tuesday night.

The Seasonal Brewing Company, a boutique micro-brewery, got the nod for the site at 175 Guildford Road.

Along with the brewery, there will be a tasting and dining area, children’s play area, alfresco area and 14 car bays located at Seventh Avenue, opposite of Ellard Lane, according to Community Newspapers.


The development was approved unanimously.

The small-scale brewer will focus on experimentation and, according to their website, will attempt to “create unique styles that are not produced anywhere else in the state.”

“There will be a high rotation of different beer styles that will be reformulated with the changing season.”

Owner Nick Southwall told the paper he would now seek liquor licensing and building approvals.

As for when it might open? Southwall reckons less than 9 months.

We are ready.

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