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I scream, you scream, Mövenpick have free ice-cream!

Swiss ice-cream superheros Mövenpick are making our Monday morning about 1000 per cent better with free scoops of the good stuff in all of their Australian stores.

They’re celebrating Swiss National Day – a holiday we can totally get behind if it involves ice-cream – and dolling out some of your favourite flavours until 2pm today.

It’s for a good cause, too; they’re teaming up with the Australian Red Cross, so you can drop a couple of dollars in the collection box while you’re waiting on your cup of choc chip.

So are you going to go fruity and creamy? Or feeling more of a sorbet vibe? Don’t even get us started on the limited edition flavours…

Get thee to your nearest Mövenpick, quicksticks.

And save us a scoop, yeah?

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