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One Of Your FAVOURITE KFC Menu Items Are BACK!

They're a rich man's version of hot chips (in my opinion anyway) with their crispy coating and soft mashed potato centre.

Yep, KFC Mashies were a gift sent from the fast food Gods but sadly they were only on the menu for a limited time.

That is...UNTIL NOW! That's right, KFC Mashies are coming back baby!! And they've had a bit of a makeover.

The new and improved savoury treat are the same ball of mashed potato goodness that we remember, except they now have GRAVY inside them.

It's literally like someone put a spoonful of Potato and Gravy in one tiny, crispy treat! Mashies will be returning to KFC stores in Australia from TODAY (October 3rd).

Mmmm heading to KFC NOW for a long overdue Mashies treat!

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