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Perth: The Most Expensive Place In Australia For Chips

Oh, here’s something we’ve never heard of in WA… pub grub is generally more expensive in Perth than any other major city in the country.

Bar and restaurant deals app Clipp revealed that while pub-goers across Australia are on a level playing field with simple cuts of steak and seafood, we consistently pay more for burgers, schnitzel and pizza.

The cheapest average price for a burger is $13.63 in Brisbane, but in Perth… you’ll pay around $21.56.

Adelaide is the place to be for a schnitty, which come in around $12.53… but in Perth? The average price for a schnitzel is $19.79.

But the most shocking is how much we’re slugged for chips.

The cheapest average price for chips is, again, in Adelaide, at $7.13. If that sounds pretty reasonable, it’s time to move to South Australia because chips are, on average, $11.02 in Perth pubs.


However, as reported by WAtoday, these kinds of prices were in line with data website Numbeo’s Cost of Living Comparison, which showed that while rent and overall consumer prices are lower in Perth compared to Sydney, our restaurants and grocery prices are far higher.

A meal at an "inexpensive restaurant" will set you back $15 in Sydney while the same meal will cost $21 in Perth - a 40 per cent difference.

Graph: WAtoday

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