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Pints Back By Popular Demand At Perth Pubs

It looks as though local publicans are starting to listen to the beer drinkers of Perth.

It seemed that the pint glass had given way for its more eastern states cousin, the schooner, but a public push has brought it back.

In July, WAtoday revealed that the Wembley Hotel and The Windsor pubs were slugging pint prices for schooner sizes. At the time, it was also cheaper to buy beer by the middy, not by the ‘large beer’ size.

But isn’t a ‘large beer’ a pint?

LOL, no.

Pints are 568mL, while a ‘large beer’ is 480mL.

Last week, The Wembley began serving pints again, as well as ‘large beers’ and middies, WAtoday reported. And on Friday, the newly refurbished Guildford Hotel confirmed it too would return to pints.

"We thought we'd do a trial last weekend and give customers the option to order pints, middies and our new 480ml large beers," a barman at The Wembley said.

"It went really well so we're going to keep it going for now."

We’ll drink to that.

Full story at WAtoday

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