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Stop Getting Vegemite WRONG!

How hard is it to enjoy a simple Aussie delicacy?

Generations have grown up with the simple pleasure of having some vegemite on toast, but lately, things have been getting out of control?

Last week you no doubt would have seen the story of the 'deconstructed' serving of vegemite that was offered up at a trendy hipster cafe that had people up in arms. 

And NOW a woman has posted her own creative Vegemite recipe online and we don't know what to think!

The recipe appeared on a vegan group on Facebook where the ingredients appear relatively standard, white bread, butter, and a standard amount of Vegemite, but sitting on top of the toast is a handful of....PINE NUTS! 

Simply titled 'Vegemite & pine nut toast' The photo was also posted to the vegan group to Instagram account browncardigan

What do you reckon, a travesty against an Aussie classic, or a clever twist on the popular spread?

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