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Sydney Cafe Serves Burgers Dipped In Melted Cheese

Burgers are already a pretty damn good comfort food, but just IMAGINE taking them to the next level by dipping them in a bowl of MELTED FREAKING CHEESE!!

Burger Point in Sydney have taken this fantasy and made it a reality by introducing a cheesy sauce that customers can use as a dipping sauce or create a makeshift cheesy waterfall and pour it all over the burger.

Seriously, watching the burger become completely submerged in this melted cheese is like legit food porn…

The cheesy sauce was originally introduced to be served with their fries. The sheer popularity of the snack prompted the Burger Point team to try it out on their gourmet burgers.

It gives a whole new meaning to the name cheeseburger, amiright?

While any burger dipped into a vat of melted cheese would no doubt be life-changing, the restaurant recommends their Big Boss burger as the perfect match to the sauce.

We recommend wearing some old clothes, grabbing a pile of napkins, heck maybe even go for a bib before devouring one of these cheese covered burgers as it’s sure to be some messy business… but utterly worth it.

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