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The Bush Chook Cocktail Exists, And It's Glorious

Karratha isn’t usually the first place you think of when it comes to cocktail innovation.

But here we are.

Riding on the surging popularity of Emu Export gracing the front fridges of Perth’s best small bars (seriously, what is with that?) comes ‘The Flightless Bird’ by Blanche Bar.

The fresh-looking tipple includes muddled lime, tequila, triple sec and chilli salt… ‘topped with Bush Chook’.

One online commenter to the Blanche Bar inquired as to where the brown paper bag was, and they replied that they can provide one on request. Now that’s service.

Another said the drink was “perfect for when you want a cocktail but you’re kind of a bogan,” which is kinda relatable.

Not gonna lie, we’re seriously considering the long weekend in Karratha, but at 1500 kilometres away, if it’s too much of a trek, there is an alternative.

Perth’s Caballitos also have their own signature cocktail using beer (albeit not a red can). 

Known as a ‘lagerita’, it’s a frozen margarita topped with a mini Corona.

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