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How To Save Up To 50% On Your Grocery Bill Revealed

Ever wanted to save 50 per cent on your grocery shop?

Dumb question.

Budget experts have divulged the secrets you need to know, to get your bill down.

"If you are disciplined, and you can shop mainly at Aldi and top-up at Coles or Woolies, you can save anything up to 50 per cent off your shopping bill," sortmymoney.com founder David Rankin told Nine News.

Planning is key. 

Not just shopping where is convenient at the time, but planning to shop somewhere that has all the stores you need in one location.

"Any shopping centre that has an Aldi in [it], as well as a Coles or Woolies, will have lower prices"

The "Aldi Effect", if you will.

You also shouldn’t be lured into shops with ‘amazing specials’ as often these are too good to be true - and are in fact designed to make you spend more.

Bargains are more likely to entice you to buy things that you want, rather than things you actually need, which is going to drive up the cost of your grocery bill.

Rarely are the things on special on your initial list, they’re extras you may not have thought of, that can skew your buying and drive your bill up higher.

"When you run out of something, write it down, and then take it to the shop and buy only what's on the list," said Mr Rankin.

He also suggests paying in cash, to help you realise how much you're spending and distinguish between needs and wants.

The ‘Aldi effect’ has reportedly helped some save $100 a week and up to $5,000 a year just at the supermarket.

Source: Daily Mail

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