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The Fastest Way To LOSE Weight Means Giving Up ONE Thing

If you want to lose weight fast, apparently you need to give up one thing.

    According to a new study, vegetarians are able to lose weight twice as fast as meat lovers.

    The secret? Meat counts for as much as a third of our daily calorie intake.

    On top of that, it found that vegetarians tend to exercise twice as much, are more likely to eat low-fat alternatives and avoid fast food.

    The study found that people who gave up meat at the start of their diet were the big winners.

    While people who continued to eat just meat were found to lose around 900g in the first month and vegetarians 1.8kg, people who had just given up meat lost an average of 2.2kg.

    We’re guessing part of the weight attributes to the drool they lost salivating over other people’s steak…

    h/t Daily Mail

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