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The Best Gift Has Been Delivered To Parents At Disney World

The Disney World theme parks have always been marketed towards children, with all of the characters, rides and merchandise on offer, but what about the adults that have to take their kids to the parks?

Well, it seems that Disney is now working to make this the happiest place on earth for EVERYONE, with the introduction of an adults-only drink to Disney World in Orlando.

There are reports that Amorette's Patisserie, found in the Disney Springs area of the park, has unleashed a shiraz slushie, for all of those parents who are completely fed up with screaming kids and Disney tunes.

The genius booze-filled drink, known as the Strawberry Shiraz wine slushie, is clearly the thing we've all been missing in our lives, after Disney Springs announced the invention on their instagram page just days ago.

And they look so tasty and refreshing that our mouths are literally watering right now!

How long until we can convince Movie World in Oz to bring on something like this? I'm sure it would go down smashingly with a steaming hot churro!

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