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Burger Joint Selling TWISTIES Burgers Needs To Come To WA

Before today, we didn't believe that anything could truly be considered perfect.

Then, Sydney's Burger Head announced that they've added a Twisties burger to their already impressive menu and we lost all chill.

We're talking everyone's favourite chip on everyone's favourite fast food.

It's bold.

It's innovative.

It's genius.

The mouth-watering invention boasts a hefty Angus beef patty on a milk bun coated with Twisties dust, loaded with dill pickles, onion, bacon jam, American cheese, Twisties mayo (?!?!) and, of course, actual Twisties.

It's not going to be easy to wrap your mouth around but oh boy will it be worth it.

The Twistie Burger is only available for a limited time, so we'd thoroughly recommend buying a plane ticket to Sydney like, well, now. 

Your move, every burger joint in Perth. 

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