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Bottle Opener Lets The Boys Know When You're Having A Beer

We're not quite sure when it happened but suddenly there's an official name for having a beer with your mates and the whole world is loving it.

But now there's a way to actually let the boys know you're cracking open a cold one without even having to message them; literally all you have to do is, um, crack open a cold one and your bottle opener will do the rest.

Called Bottle Opener X, the nifty gadget is "handcrafted using wood and steel" and works like any other bottle opener - but, since it's connected to wifi, it can automatically send a personalised message to your mates to let them know exactly what you're up to.


The device even sets up a leaderboard between you and the boys - so you can keep track of all those cold ones - as well as a "global leaderboard" that in no way encourages drinking.

There's also a "safe drinking mode" which we're predicting will never be used but, you know, it's the thought that counts.

You can pick up the BOx for $35 on the company's website, right here.


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