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This WA Pub Does a Gluten-Free Parmi Which Is The REAL DEAL

When you think of pub grub, you don’t really think ‘coeliac-friendly’.

However, one Perth parmi has received the big thumbs-up from local food writer Liz Sheehan, despite it being completely gluten-free.

In fact, not only does the Kewdale Tavern do a gluten-free parmi that tastes just like a gluten-full one, according to their website, 98 per cent of the menu is gluten-free or can be made gluten-free.

Just look at this thing... 


Yes. The Kewdale Tavern.

In the middle of an industrial area.

With a drive-through bottleshop which seems to have more clearance than the Baysie Bridge.


The pub has been a coeliac’s best friend for about three years which, as Sheehan writes, began gradually after the owner’s previous staff and family members had the condition. Over time, more gluten-free food was added to the menu.

Their website boasts that they have more gluten-free options than any other Perth pub.

Head Chef, Fred Atienza, told Sheehan that he did a few trials before developing a comparable parmi dish.

"We managed to get a good result that [didn’t] compromise on taste, so people with coeliac can enjoy the same flavours as the normal meal," he said.

She also reported that customers aren’t slugged more for the gluten-free version.

The pub even has range of gluten-free beers.

And, as a member of Coeliac WA, The Kewdale takes it seriously, using separate deep fryers, prep areas, bread boards and utensils.

But the evidence that they’re doing it right comes from the customers themselves, one couple apparently travelling to The Kewdale every week… just for fish and chips.

Check out their HUGE gluten-free menu here.

Read Liz Sheehan’s full review on WAtoday here.  

All pics: Liz Sheehan for WAtoday. 

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