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This Ugly Christmas Sweater Has A Pocket To Hold Your Wine

When you're heading to a Christmas party with friends, family or work mates in the coming weeks, where are you supposed to carry your alcohol when it's BYO?

Bottles of wine don't really fit in handbags and it's not really classy to just show up with a brown paper bag straight from the Bottle O...but this one ugly Christmas sweater might just be here to solve this predicament.

Just like any of the festive jumpers that appear on the shelves at this time of year, this sweater features an over the top pattern in Christmas colours.

But what makes it stand out is the red Christmas stocking that sits on the front of the jumper which doubles as a pocket for your bottles of wine! Genius!!

Not only will it make bringing your wine to a party easier but it will also stop those pesky people from stealing it during the night! Having your wine tucked away safely in your jumper means that you can share your drinks with only the people of your choosing, or just keep it for yourself!

So if you want to look extra festive this Christmas all while keeping "hydrated", you can buy the Wine Pocket Christmas Sweater from Want That Trend for just $40.85.

But of course, disregarding the name of the jumper you don't necessarily need to keep wine in there...any type of alcohol will do!


With the Wine Pocket Christmas Sweater you'll never have to go without a drink in your hand. Happy drinking!

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