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Vegemite Hot Cross Buns Are Now Are A Thing

Vegemite reckon they’ve come up with with a winner…say hello to the cheesy Vegemite hot cross buns!

That’s right, forget your raisins, forget your fancy mocha, chic-chip or brioche bun alternatives, Vegemite hot cross buns are here to put a savoury spin on an all-time favourite, and we don’t really know how to feel about it.

Vegemite released the recipe for their new hot cross bun invention in the lead up to the Easter long weekend and apparently the snack not only has vegemite infused throughout the dough but the cross pattern on top is created completely from pure vegemite!

So what do you reckon? Would a Vegemite hot cross bun put a rose in your cheek? Would you eat one for breakfast lunch and tea? Or do you think that this recipe is ludicrous and we should stick to the traditional Easter snacks? Sorry Vegemite, but if we’re honest, we think we sit in the latter category…

But if you feel like giving these true blue hot cross buns a crack over Easter the recipe can be found here!

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