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France Has Run Out Of Butter Due To Global Croissant Demand

As a major fan of pastries, we have to say that there's nothing more satisfying than a delish croissant.

Whether you have them with jam, ham and cheese, or a large dollop of nutella (if you haven't tried it omg...you're missing out) I'm sure we can all agree that croissants are one of the best inventions to come out of France.

Now even if you've never baked a croissant from scratch before (ain't nobody got time for that) I'm sure we all know that a major ingredient in the pastry is butter. I mean it's literally called a butter croissant.

Well, it appears that the world has literally been eating SO many croissants that France is undergoing a nationwide butter shortage.

That's right, while a decrease in milk production in France is partly to blame, experts have claimed that the main reason for the butter shortage stems from an increased global appetite for French pastries!

And bakers in France aren't feeling too optimistic about the situation, with one patisserie owner in central France, Claude Margerin Francois, saying that the shortage means she has not been able to meet her recent orders.

"I'm looking for butter everywhere", she said although admitting that French butter is ideal for making the best pastries.

But with French butter becoming more and more scarce, the prices of what is available have begun to skyrocket.

Bakers say that if the trend continues, they will have no choice but to heavily increase the price of croissants or to limit their global supply altogether.

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