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You Can Now Get Your Pet’s Face Printed On Chocolate

The perfect stocking stuffer has officially arrived and it’s perfect for the cat crazy, dog lovers, and self-obsessed.

The Bakedown Cakery have just opened their flagship store Sydney and it offers edible art. 

(and it ships to Perth)

The concept is simple, just provide an image of your pet, face or friend’s face and the team at Bakedown will print it onto a cute tile of white chocolate bark for you to briefly admire before you scoff it down. 

Only six more days to get your friends ugly mugs over to us to print onto the ultimate Christmas gift!

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If Face Bark isn’t your thing, Bakedown Cakery make teeny tiny edible skulls and hand-painted chocolates too.

You’ll be torn between preserving it forever or eating it immediately after you lay your hands on it. 

To check out the Backdown Cakery Choc Shop, because hey, we're in Perth, head here. 

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