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You Can Send A Box Of Coriander To Your Enemy For Christmas

Some people will tell you that the best way to get back at someone you dislike is to ignore them.

Some people will insist that taking the high road is always the answer.

Some people are wrong.

The geniuses over at postal treat company Dessert Boxes have launched a parcel designed to hit your enemy right where it hurts - their tastebuds - with "The Grinch", a gift sure to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.


"We all know that one person who dampens the spirit of Christmas, the Grinch of the group," a Dessert Boxes spokesperson said. 

"Instead of giving them coal this year, send them something worse... CORI F*CKING ANDER."


Featuring a doughnut hand flipping the bird and a great big bunch of the yuckiest herb to ever disgrace the planet, The Grinch comes in at a Kris Kindle-approved $29.


And look at those candy canes! So festive.

To order your own Grinch - or one of the many not-nasty options available - check out Dessert Boxes.

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