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12,000 People Were On A Waiting List For These $50 Pants

Ever found a pair of comfortable work pants that fit like a glove and make you look hot?

Yeah, me neither.

They’re an anomaly, a fable - a myth, of that much I was certain.

However, the fact that 12,000 people are on the wait list for these pants, by brand Everlane, made me think that perhaps the perfect work pants do exist.

The pants fall just about the achilles heel, has a high waist and actually makes your butt look fantastic - they're also just $50 - or $AU61.50.

‘The Work Pant’ by Everlane, are made in four colours and cut in two silhouettes, which is perhaps why the 12,000-person waitlist happened before the pants were released.

NOW, however... they’re ready for shopping.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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