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Aussie Woman Reveals Sad Reason She 'Let Herself Go'

When Anita got the phone call from her mum that her sister had been diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukaemia, it was absolutely devastating for the whole family.

Two years on, life is only just going back to a new kind of normal for the family, and as her sister’s health continues to improve, and she even began training for the New York Marathon, the effects of the trauma on Anita have become obvious.

As her sister’s bone marrow transplant donor, Anita was an incredible source of emotional and physical support during the trying time - but she wasn’t left without her scars either.

During a recent interview, Anita revealed that she ‘still hasn’t recovered from getting that phone call.’

“You kind of shut down with everything and I guess that’s why I’ve kind of let myself go a lot.” “I just completely lost control of who I was, and trying to get that back is very difficult.”

Over the last few weeks, Anita has turned to Hypoxi to try and get her image of herself back to where she wants it.

She’s attended three sessions a week, and taken on the Hypoxi meal plan in a bid to find herself again and regain control of her life. The sessions work to target the stubborn fat that diet and exercise haven't managed to shift.


UPDATE: Anita's Hypoxi journey is now complete! See below for her final results.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: We caught up with Anita mid-way through her Hypoxi journey. 


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: This was Anita at the start of her Hypoxi journey.


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