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5 Things Only Avon Rep’s Know To Be True

It could be their huge range of cult products, their incredible support of awesome charities, or perhaps it’s their friendly (and infamous) door-to-door representatives that makes Avon one of the world’s BIGGEST and most successful beauty brands.

When you think Avon, you immediately think of its reps right? For 130 years they’ve been bringing the cosmetic brands huge range right to our doors, with a smile. With the number of people they encounter on the reg, you’d think they’d have a HEAP of stories. Well, you’d be right!

We spoke to Avon Representative, Joan Zilm to find out the most memorable moments from her career so far…

#1 People Really Do Answer The Door Naked

“I was visiting a prominent member of the community and she answered the door by sticking her head out, with the rest of her behind the door, exclaiming that she’d just has a shower. She went to get her Avon brochure and money, leant back out the door to give it to me and in that moment I noticed the mirror behind her and I could see ALL her morning glory!”

#2 Customers Respect Honesty – Even When It Might Offend

“I LOVE having demonstrations with my customers, they love trying on the products and experimenting with colours. The difficulty comes when I have to discreetly advise against a colour that doesn’t really suit them when they think they look wonderful! It can be challenging, but also a lot of fun .”

#3 People Remember The Faces Of Strangers Who Come To Their Homes – So Be Nice!

“Once I overheard two ladies arguing over who had the best and friendliest Avon lady,” says Joan. “After a few minutes of bickering, another of their friends suggested they both ask their Avon lady for a cuppa at one of the local coffee shops. The morning came around, I walked in the door and they looked at each other and burst out laughing – YES! I was the Avon lady for BOTH of them!”

#4 Don’t Assume Only Women Need Avon

“One of my customers had her 10-year-old grandson with her when I made a delivery and he followed me on my way out and said, “You’d better be careful what you sell Grandma.” I asked why and he responded, “Well, since Grandma has been using your Avon, Pop reckons she looks too young and is getting jealous when they go out with friends!” I quickly grabbed a bottle of Black Suede fragrance for men and gave it to the boy to give to his Pop. I never had another conversation about it, but Black Suede was ALWAYS on that family’s order list from then on.”

#5 You Can Make Lasting Friendships

“Christmas is a super fun time of the year, because I get to give gifts to all my special customers – all 243 of them!” Whether it’s a hamper of my baked biscuits and slices or a bigger hamper of products, my customers are always SO grateful, which means I end up with goodness knows how many different colours of lipsticks on my cheeks from the hugs and kisses!”

Sounds like fun, right? You too can become an Avon Representative and right now, we’re giving you the chance to start your Avon career with a Business Starter pack, $500 cash AND $500 worth of products. Register here.

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