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Alf Stewart Has A Fragrance And... Say What

Ray Meagher, otherwise known as Alf ‘Flamin' Mongrel’ Stewart from Home and Away has come out with his own fragrance.

You heard right.

Meagher described how he came up with his ‘Raygrance Number 1’, joking that it was like a police line-up.

“You know those bits of paper they give you when you go into [David Jones] and they say ‘have a whiff of that’?” he asked Jonesy & Amanda on WSFM.

“I could’ve been arrested,” Meagher joked. “There I was lining up to this wall sniffing these 12 people… I thought that one’s got a bit of boronia and a bit of bush in it and, you know, we’ll have a crack at that.”


The fragrance, while retails online for $15, is said to smell like the Aussie bush.

All proceeds of Raygrance goes to Cure Cancer Australia.

- with Michael Patrick 

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