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How Often You Should ACTUALLY Be Washing Your Sheets

Do you have any idea what’s on your bedsheets?

Oh, not much. Just millions of skin cells, a tablespoon or so of sweat and HEAPS of make-up.

Unless you’re a tanner, in which case the situation is FAR more dire…

According to a report on Debrief Daily, you should be washing your sheets WEEKLY.


Well by the end of the week there’s sure to be a build up of dust, fungus, sweat, dead skin cells and MORE.

What’s even worse is these are the things that dust mites LOVE to feast on, so the longer you go without washing your sheets, the more likely it is you’ll have creepy crawlies in your bed.

The rule should also be if someone is sick, or exercises and goes to bed without a shower, the report says they should be washed even more OFTEN!

Source: Debrief Daily

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