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Kid Destroys $1,300 Worth Of Make-Up In Sephora Store

Sephora is every beauty and makeup lovers idea of heaven.

The stands for each brand display a whole range of testers and it’s near impossible to leave the store without the back of your hand covered in eyeshadow and lipstick swatches.

But it seems one child went to town on the testers available at a Make Up Forever display at a Sephora store in the US and made a huge mess.

Sephora shopper and makeup artist Brittney Nelson “about passed out” when she came across the scene as she went in store on Saturday night. 

Among the many reactions from distraught make-up fans, there were a few people who took issue with the nature of the post and accused Ms Nelson of “mum-shaming”.

In reaction to the negative comments, Brittney told INSIDER: “I woke up to the internet mob of insanity because of my one cranky post. I honestly didn’t think I said anything 99 percent of people didn’t think anyway so I’m not that devastated by the hurricane of it. I’ve seen messed up testers a gazillions times throughout the years from tiny humans.”

Brittney also made it clear that she was not “mum-shaming” or “kid-hating”.

Either way, the image of destroyed eyeshadow testers are enough to make any makeup fan cry. 

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