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People Are FURIOUS Over Marketing For This H&M Kids Jumper

Sometimes you look at something that's clearly not right and think to yourself, ‘who approved that?!’

That’s just what everyone who looked at H&M’s latest kid’s campaign thought when they clapped eyes on a little African-American boy dressed in a green jumper with the words, ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle.’


Another image from the same line shows a Caucasian boy wearing an orange jumper with the words, ‘Mangrove Jungle, official survival expert’.

Consumers were quick to point out why the African-American kid was placed in the green jumper, and wasted no time labelling the campaign ‘racist’.


But others were convinced H&M didn’t intend to offend with the image, but that they “should have realised" it may cause offence, with one suggesting it showed the lack of non-white executives.

“I totally understand the racist connotations around the word ‘monkey’ but, seriously, I don’t *think* that was their intention at all,” wrote one Twitter user. “However, in this day and age, surely someone at H&M should’ve realised this may offend someone, somewhere?”

Since then, a spokesperson for H&M told The Independent the image had been removed, adding: “We apologise to anyone this may have offended”.

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