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Science Says An Ingredient In Hot Chips Actually BURNS Fat!

Scientists seems to always be changing their minds on what foods are good and bad for us, but in this case we are DEFINITELY not complaining.

Hot chips are one of the BEST comfort foods ever (especially in this freezing weather) and so hearing that they might actually be GOOD for us is the news we needed to get us through hump day.

It all comes down to two research papers published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation which suggests that salt could be actually burn body fat.

Apparently, this potential benefit was discovered when 10 male Russian astronauts from two separate space expeditions were fed meals with a continuously increasing amount of salt.

The astronauts who consumed the most salt also produced the most urine despite the fact that they didn't drink more.

Similarly, researchers performed an experiment with mice and discovered the reason why this happened.

The mice that consumed the most salt released a hormone known as glucocorticoid. This hormone allowed the vermon to flush out excess sodium in their bodies by breaking down fat and muscle to obtain water and in turn increasing urine production.

But wait...unfortunately it's not all good news.

This discovery comes with a warning to remember the negative side affects of consuming too much sodium and producing too much glucocorticoid (that word really is a mouthful).

According to M.D Jens Titze from the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, too much of this hormone can be linked to osteoporosis, muscle loss, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic issues.

And of course we all know of the warnings that consuming too much salt can raise our blood pressure and potentially lead to heart disease or a stroke.

But the Center for Clinical Research in Germany says that consuming up to 1 teaspoon of salt per day is A-okay.

So I guess the message here is definitely don't overdo it and add heapings of salt to every single meal, but we definitely shouldn't feel guilty the next time we indulge in some salty chippies.

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