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Freaky Trick Lets Your NEIGHBOURS See If You Have Sex Toys

If you thought you'd grown out of having to hide your sex toys in your undie drawer in case your parents happened to stumble across them, boy have we got some upsetting news for you.

A glitch in a range of vibrators that use Bluetooth to connect to an app could be leaving users susceptible to hacking, claims one security researcher.

And it can also mean that your neighbours, flatmates and yes, even your parents, can tell what ~fun~ you have stashed in your bedside dresser simply because the name pops up like a wifi network to anyone using a Bluetooth discovery app.

The startling discovery was made by Alex Lomas of Pen Test Partners who happened upon the Lovense Hush - the "world's most powerful" butt plug - while strolling down a street in Europe.

While the device didn't call itself BUTTPLUG300, Lomas said the range mainly use identifiers like LVS-Z001 which can be picked up by any passer-by.

Aside from the embarrassment, Lomas points out, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that a random stranger could then begin controlling your sex toy.

"[Someone] could drive the Hush's motor to full speed, and as long as the attacker remains connected over BLE and not the victim, there is no way they can stop the vibrations," he wrote in a blog.

"Having an adult toy unexpectedly start vibrating could cause a great deal of embarrassment."

Unless you're into that sort of thing, of course.

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