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The HORRIFYING Reason To NEVER Leave This Out In The Sun

Turns out our makeup mirrors can be VERY dangerous. 

While it's nice to set up a make-up vanity and have everything on display, it's actually vital to pack everything away so nothing is left in the path of sunlight or worse, directly in the sun. 

On Tuesday, make-up enthusiast Kasey Ault arrived home to find her house full of smoke. 

The fire had likely started as a result of her makeup mirror reflecting light, possibly from the sun. 

She posted the terrifying discovery to Facebook, giving everyone a valuable lesson... 

Just had something very scary happen to me. If any of you do your makeup in a little mirror in front of the window like...

Posted by Kasey Ault on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Talk about a beauty DISASTER! 

Lesson? Next time you do your makeup near a window using a mirror, ALWAYS put everything away. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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