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There’s A New Dating Trend Around and Erm It’s So Sh**

The dating world can be difficult and with brutal trends like breadcrumbing on the rise, it’s getting tougher.

The latest trend to look out for is called ‘stashing.’

What is Stashing?

So you’ve been dating someone for a few months, your partner has met your closest friends and even your family but you’ve never met their nearest and dearest?

You’re being stashed.

Another tell-tale sign that you’re being stashed… although you’re happy to share loved-up photos on Facebook or Instagram, they’re sharing nada of you.

You’re being stashed.

While there’s no hard and fast rule why stashers are intent on keeping someone stashed away, you’d have to wonder why.

Are they seeing someone else? Are they embarrassed by you? WHAT IS WRONG HERE?

Our advice: talk to your stasher. Get to the bottom of it. And if they stay on their stasher path, dump them – they’re not worth it.

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