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There’s A New Sex Trend Around and You Shouldn’t Try It

Coconuts have many wonderful uses including oils, milk and water but here is one thing that a coconut should NOT be used for.

A cringe worthy story has been posted to Reddit by user, ‘coconutthrowaway69’, who shared a very disturbing story about how he used the coconut as a weird masturbation toy.

The term has been dubbed ‘coco-nutting’ and as the man tells in his unsettling recall of the events, it didn’t end well.

The story was set eight years ago when his mother was buying lots of coconuts at the time.

One day he decided that he would drill a hole into the nut and started to ‘bang’ it, the user says in the story on Reddit.

After using the same coconut without cleaning it for a week he realised the thing was full of maggots.

The worst part comes when other men start sharing their experiences using a coconut for a sex toy and they all pretty much end badly!

One dude said he discovered he was actually allergic to coconuts, another user didn’t make the hole big enough and got his junk stuck and some other fool got caught by his mum while using the coconut.

Moral of this story. Don’t do it.

Souce: BuzzFeed


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