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These ‘Races’ Shoes Can Book You A Cab And Raise Your Height

If you’re gearing up for Races season this year, no doubt you’re probably keeping an eye out for a new frock, a fascinator or two - and the latest accessories.

If you really want to get ahead, however - look no further than the ultimate race day shoes… and they’re not just comfortable enough for all-day standing.

They’re straight up back to the future shoes, with the ability to raise the height of the wearer to get a better view - or book an actual taxi with just a few clicks.

In fact, here is the run down of this high heel’s capabilities;

Dance Support – Padding to keep wearer comfortable while dancing

StyleSwitch – Switchable coloured and textured panels for different looks

BetGuide – Directions to the betting ring via pulsing notifications in heels

ViewBoost – Raises the height of the wearer to get a better view

TrackProof – Thick heel allowing wearer to walk effortlessly across grass

RaceAlert – Vibrating heels that alert the wearer two minutes before race

Kick&Pay – Pay with a flick of the heel thanks to a built-in NFC chip

Tap&Go– Click your heels three times to book your ride home

The heels are designed by Kira Goodey, who dresses the feet of Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner.

E! Australia host Ksenija Lukich will be debuting the ‘Get Smart shoes on steroids’ at the Colgate Optic White Stakes Day on September 16.

'It's a wild shoe you get to wear – it is so cool. I feel a little fabulous and a little Lady Gaga,' Ksenija said.

There will be four styles of the heel rolled out across racing season, and while they're not available to the public yet punters should keep their eyes peeled until later this year if they're hoping to snap up a pair.

Source: Daily Mail

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