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This Bloke Just Popped His Tooth Infection & We're 100% DONE

If you've come this far, we're going to assume you're the kind of person who secretly froths on all of those Dr Pimple Popper videos.

That's why we originally clicked on this video. "Popping!" we thought. "Pus! Goo! Satisfaction!"

We were so, so wrong.

For some unknown reason, this bloke decided it would be a good idea to burst a lump on his lower jaw, which he is claiming is the result of an infected tooth.

Can you imagine your tooth being so infected that you can pop it from the outside? Us neither.

It is, legitimately, the gnarliest version of any pimple popping video we have ever seen; there's a real chance of spew at the 1.25 minute mark.

Check the full clip out below, at your own peril.

We are 100 per cent done.



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