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Review Of A Setting Spray Will Have You Running To Priceline

If this week's weather is anything to go by, summer is well and truly on the way - which means we're inching closer and closer to that super duper fun season of frantically re-applying foundation as it determinedly slides off our face.

But if this glorious, epic review of a surprisingly cheap setting spray is anything to go by, we have officially found the product that will save our make-up from the rising mercury.

Because not only did NYX Professional Make-Up's Matte Finish Setting Spray survive one girl's night in the rain, it survived a CAR CRASH and, thankfully, so did she.

"I was hit by a car and through the hit itself, the rain, the ambulance ride and the hours in the hospital my make-up stayed completely intact the entire time," the five-star review reads.

"When I was discharged from the hospital I had to take off my make-up and none of it had moved.

"If this setting spray can survive being hit by a car then that's all the proof I need and I'll definitely be buying it again."

Bloody hell, if it's that good so will we.

As a bonus, it's cheap as chips and is available at Priceline for a very respectable $14.95.

Run, don't walk.

Summer is coming.

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