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This New Sex Toy Shop Is Promising Something VERY Different

Regardless of how nonchalant - or flippant - your attitude to buying sex toys is, you have to agree that shopping online is a much easier process.

You can browse for as long as you need without fear of being judged, everything is delivered in subtle brown paper packaging and you have the benefit of reviews to help with the selection process.

A brand new online store, though, is promising something very different for the discerning sex toy customer; Hicurious, which is set to launch in the coming months, is a gender-neutral shop that has avoided categorising any of its products.

"Pleasure really has no gender!" founder George told metro.co.uk. "When it comes down it, we all just have bodies - it doesn't matter if what works for your is 'male' or 'female'... if it works, then you're meant to use it!

"We really try to give as much advice as we can on how something can be used, but at the end of the day it's your body, and your imagination."

Instead of labelling the toys as "for him", "for her", "for couples" or "for solo play", Hicurious will instead provide tips, tricks and advice on how to use the device in question.

While the site isn't live just yet, George promises that customers will be able to shop Hicurious before the end of the summer.

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