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Sportsgirl & Allen's Lolly Collab Is Straight Outta Wonka

OK, who remembers using a Redskin lolly as a lipstick? Just me? Oh good.

Well, get ready for your inner-child to start screaming with joy because Allen’s and Sportsgirl have dreamt up something that’s straight-up something outta the Wonka factory.

A heckin’ seven-piece BEAUTY line.

The sweet-as-sugar ‘Allens X SG’ collection pays homage to the most beloved Aussie sweeties such as Sherbies, Fantales and Freckles.

Let’s check it out:

What is it: Eyeshadow palette

Lolly inspiration: Freckles

Price: $29.95

Description: 'This chocolate scented eyeshadow palette includes 18 shades'


What is it:  Lip Trio

Lolly inspiration: Jelly Beans

Price: $19.95

Description: Deliciously scented like your fave jelly beans, vanilla, strawberry & raspberry, they will have you looking gorgeous.


What is it: Illuminating Palette

Lolly inspiration: Sherbies

Price: $19.95 

Description:  Shimmer & shine, it's sherbert time! This illuminating palette trio is the sugar high you have been dreaming of.


What is it: Body Mist Trio

Lolly inspiration: Party Mix

Price: $19.95

Description: Time for your sugar hit. Get mystified with this body mist trio, sweetly scented like your fave party mix.


What is it: Glow Cream

Lolly inspiration: Fantales

Price: $12.95

Description: This glow cream is choc caramel scented, just like Fantales.


What is it: Body Scrub

Lolly inspiration: Strawberries & Cream

Price: $14.95

Description: Become the sweetest version of yourself with this sweetly scented strawberries & cream dry body scrub.


What is it: Nail Polish

Lolly inspiration: Peaches & Cream

Price: $14.95


OK, so, there aren’t any Redskin lipsticks. You’ll just have to use an actual Redskin lolly for that. Soz.

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