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'Thong Jeans' Are The Latest Fashion Trend And PLEASE NO!

Okay, we've definitely seen some questionable fashion trends in the past... Remember those see-through, plastic jeans or those tights that looked like your dad's hairy legs?

Well, there's a fashion trend that is actually WORSE than these combined. Much, much worse...

They're called the Thong Jeans.

TBH, we don't think there's enough material for us to call them pants.

Made of what we can only describe as a string of denim material, the Thong jeans basically outline the seams of a normal pair of jeans, just without all the other material filling them in.

They made their debut earlier in October at Amazon Fashion Week and while we can't imagine anyone ever wearing them on a day-to-day basis, someone has gone ahead and made them a possible costume for Halloween.

Yep, you can buy them from a shop called Yandy and we have to say, you'll definitely scare the shit out of people in these bad boys.

At least with the lack of material they should be super cheap right? Wrong! Apparently buying this denim frame to show off your bare legs will cost you $59.95.

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