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Top Beauty Editors Reckon This ALDI Moisturiser Is AMAZING

You would think that the more expensive the beauty product, the better it should work.

But more and more often these days we're being told to swap out the expensive products for the cheaper ones in a bid to not only save our bank accounts but also because they're sometimes better for our skin!!

What a win right! And this just happens to be the case for a current Aldi special buy that beauty bloggers and influencers are going absolutely CRAZY for at the moment.

The new Aldi skincare range is called Aldi Lacura Caviar and their moisturiser is said to be so good, that people are claiming that it's BETTER than a very pricey La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe-Cream.

And not only does it apparently work better, but the price is SO astonishing that we're still picking our dropped jaws up from our desks...

The La Prairie skincare product will set you back $575 for a 50ml jar and can be purchased from places like David Jones. I mean really we think only people with Queen Bey's salary can afford to drop that much dosh on a tiny beauty product...

That's in comparison to the Aldi product which can be bought in a gift set for only $29.99!!

That's literally a saving of $545 and instead of just one cream, you get the Caviar Illuminating Day Cream, Caviar Illuminating Night Cream and Caviar Illuminating Eye Mousse all in the one pack!

What an absolute steal!! But remember, it is a special buy and so there will be limited availability.

The Aldi Lacura Caviar product is on sale NOW so run, don't walk. No one wants to see their face on the news tonight for getting into fisticuffs with other Aldi customers over a moisturiser...

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