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Want To Know The Best Time To Go To Sleep At Night?

If you're always waking up exhausted even though you think you might be getting enough sleep - there could be a simple solution to your problem...

Sleep Calculator to the rescue!

This nifty website can help you find the perfect time to go to sleep based on the time you need to wake up.

But there's a catch - it's super specific.


If you need to wake up at 6am, would should go to sleep at 8:46pm, or 10.16pm or even 1.16am.

This calculator doesn't just go off how many hours you need, but also how many sleep cycles you can squeeze into it.

So if you're usually waking up tired and grumpy, it could be because a sleep cycle was interrupted.

Handy hint: it takes on average 14 minutes for a person to fall asleep, so don't forget to factor that in!

So if you want to wake up refreshed, just follow these rules and you'll be just fine!

H/T Mamamia

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