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Woman SLAMS Hair Salon On Facebook For 'Bogan Disaster'

When you visit a hairdresser, it’s always wise to bring in a photo for your hairdresser to use as a reference.

But you should be warned, that won’t always help you, as one Sydney woman found out.


Nina Mather has vigorously slammed a Western Sydney salon for ‘ruining her hair’.

Ms Mather visited the salon on Monday and brought with her a reference photo of a woman with beautiful balayage.


She spent five hours in the salon only to discover her hair looked nothing like she’d hoped. She was also made to pay $200.

During her visit, Ms Mather says her hair became brittle and started to break off, which is when she became upset and refused to pay the bill.


'I asked for balayage and showed them a photo, then expected to walk out with the finished result,' she wrote on Facebook.


'I complained and said I wouldn't pay, so they tried to fix it with more bleach until I was so upset they called security and the cops.'

By the time she was finished speaking with police, Ms Mather said she had been at the salon for five hours.


'I have had a consultation with another hairdresser and have been told that my hair needs extensive repair work. The first step of treatment begins tomorrow,' she said.

Ms Mather said she was so embarrassed by the ordeal her son offered to lend her his Jamaican beanie to wear to work on Tuesday.

We spoke to the salon to get a response, which they were happy to provide.

'We did the best we could, and she just wasn't happy... I mean, what can you do?' a salon representative said.

'Her hair was so dark, you can't expect it to go so light first time.'

When asked if this would bave been explained to Ms Mather, the salon representative said it definitely would have been.

We then asked if the stylist responsible would be in any sort of trouble, to which she said 'no, she's one of our top stylists. We're sorry we didn't meet her expectations, it's just a little overboard putting it all over Facebook."

The representative said the salon would of course be more than happy to fix her hair for no extra cost 'if that's what she wanted.'

Source: Daily Mail

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