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Woman Left With ‘No Eyebrows’ After Dodgy Laser Removal

In the world of beauty, there are two very popular trends going around at the moment, and that is eyebrow tattooing and of course laser removal for when the tattoos don't turn out as you expected.

And since eyebrows have become a real statement piece in terms of makeup, a LOT of women have jumped on the tattoo train to make their morning routines easier.

But this story about one Sydney woman who was left absolutely horrified after she received dodgy tattoo treatment has left us feeling terrified about ever trying it out for ourselves!

Kymm Lee had attempted to get her eyebrows tattooed two years ago but was not satisfied with the results and so, like you would do with any other unwanted tattoo, she went to have it lasered off.

"I just didn't like the eyebrow shape, because she was tattooing me sort of free hand," said the 42-year-old.

"I went back for a touch-up, but it's a tattoo...you can't just rub it out and fix it again.

"The more you fix it, the more it becomes a big blob. So I just thought I need to erase all this and start again."

But unfortunately, Ms Lee was subject to a second disastrous beauty therapy session, as the laser used on her eyebrows was much too hot and it burnt her skin, causing it to blister.

"It felt like my skin was being fried," she said.

Ms Lee decided to go elsewhere to finish the removal after her terrible experience, and after eight sessions and $1200 in payments, the tattoo was removed.

However, Ms Lee was left with NO EYEBROWS!

"I didn't have a lot of brows to start off with, but now I literally have no eyebrows," she said.

"It takes me 10 minutes to draw them on in the morning. I have a pen that I use to draw my eyebrows on everyday."

Apparently, Ms Lee's less than satisfactory experience with her tattoo removal is not uncommon because the industry in Australia is unregulated.

This means that many unqualified beauty therapists can buy cheap laser removal equipment, do a quick crash course online and then offer up their services to customers as a qualified laser technician.

Scary right! We'd recommend doing some serious research before booking in an appointment with an eyebrow tattoo artist or the removalist!

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