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Turning A Great Idea Into Your Own Business

With ANZ Business Ready you could register your ABN and business name, open a business bank account, set up a domain name, create a website, set up your invoicing, and more.

Our very own Monty caught up with Clementine to get insight into how she set-up her small business, Salt Lab.

"It started off as just the one product, which is a high grade magnesium oil" Clementine said. 


The company was born after Clementine found that most sources of magnesium felt very 'clinical' and hard to get her hands on, plus she couldn't find any in 'functional' bottles. So she took matters into her own hands. 

But getting a great idea off the ground isn't always easy. 

"I spent such a long time going 'What is the right bank to go with? What is the right account to set up?'... There's so many options. If I could've had someone to just go 'Okay, this is what we're going to do' and it be done in one day, it probably would have fast tracked my business by a couple of months" Clementine admits. 

Hear more of Monty & Clementine's chat below. 

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