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Worker FIRED for The Most Infuriating Reason

An American student has been sacked via text message after she complained to her manager for being underpaid. 

The 21-year-old, who was working at the Fire and Stone Restaurant on Queensland’s Moreton Island, refused to be paid under the minimum wage and approached her boss, Jia Ning Wang.

Wang threatened to sack her, telling her the award was “just a guideline” and $20 per hour was the “standard minimum wage across the industry”. 

The restaurant owner, later sent her a text message terminating her employment, stating that she “was not working out” and that “technically you don’t work for us”. The student contacted the Ombudsman after Wang failed to pay her for any work she performed.

Wang has since been fined more than $70,000 for his “deliberate and calculated” exploitation of a young international student over a two-week period in December 2014.

The owner was slapped with a $20,366 penalty and his company an additional $51,830.

Source: News.com.au

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