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Xavier Rudd's House Goes On Sale, Cashed-Up Bohemians Froth

Xavier Rudd’s digs has just come on the market, causing cashed-up bohemians everywhere to start frothing.

The massive muso-friendly Byron Bay retreat is shooting to sell between $2.45 million and $2.695 million.

First, there’s the regular specs: four bedrooms, massive kitchen, and the main bathroom featuring a “deep, luxurious freestanding tub”. Nothing too unusual, right?

The standard hallmarks of any successful muso’s pad are covered, such as an internal wine cellar, a kitchen full of European appliances, a recording studio with double glazed windows and soundproofing and some pretty staunch privacy (it’s “fully fenced with an electric and security entry gate”).

But this is Xavier Rudd’s place...


Therefore, the “entire home has been designed to create a seamless connection with nature.”

It also has...

- “hoop pine flooring throughout, which was felled on the property and milled locally”

- “Moroccan Marrakesh rendered walls”

- “hand-crafted clay light fittings made by local artisans”

Extremely deep-pocketed free spirits and flower children won’t be able to resist the private frontage to Marshalls Creek, which is “home to a wide range of flora, fauna and birdlife including 11 plant species and 24 animal species which as classified as endangered or vulnerable.”


The full listing is here.

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