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These New Products Are Just Plain ‘Horsing Around’

Behold, the most WTAF horse products on the market.

The Horse Riding Simulator – The iGallop

“Now you can ride a horse in your living room!”

Did your parents ever tell you that you couldn’t have a horse? Well now you can (sorta) and it gives good abs…

As the video points out, “this horse riding simulator is ridiculous”.

The iGalllop is designed to give you a “full body workout”, while “fulfilling all your equestrian needs”.

Unfortunately, people are LEGITIMATELY buying this product...WHY?!?

This One is For The Kids (definitely not for the parents) – Pony Up Daddy

This saddle (an ACTUAL SADDLE) is “specifically designed for kids to ride on their parents”.

We should just stop here, because honestly, there are no words to describe what you are about to witness.

As the clever lads at Mashable said: “Parents and caregivers get ready to set down your dignity.” You will lose ALL THE DIGNITY, GUYS!

The saddle allows for kids to “comfortably ride on an adult’s back” and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?

Nothing about this is OK – even when it comes in four different colours - so apologies if the below video scars you for life.

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