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Gordon Ramsey Gets Dragged For Making His Kids Fly Economy

Sweary TV and Michelin-star chef, Gordon Ramsey, is being dragged for flying first class while his kids slum it in the cheap seats.

Ramsey and his wife, Tana, have four children, Matilda, 15, Jack and Holly, 17, and Megan, 18.

"I got shit last week from a major newspaper for not sitting my kids in first class,” he said.

"I did not fly on a f--king plane until I was 19 years of age. And when I sat on the plane cramped for eight hours with food that was cooked three weeks ago I was just happy to take off and be in a plane.

"The fact that I am going to sit a six-year-old in a first class seat for £15,000 to fly from LA to London... you can buy a f--king car for that.”

"Why does my six-year old need a big fucking seat, a 10-course menu with caviar and champagne in first class?"

Ramsey is worth an estimated £30 million – just over $A50 million.

"I like to think about what you can do with the money when you land, rather than paying out thousands of dollars for eight, nine and 10-year-old’s to sit in first class.

"I do not want them sat there with a 10-course f--king menu with champagne. I am not embarrassed. It is my wife and I's choice to discipline them and to keep them real."

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