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Jetstar Have Made A BIG Change And You WON’T Like It

Just when you thought you were winning in the cheap flights race, a hurdle has come out of nowhere to trip you up.

From August 15, discount airline Jetstar is jacking up the prices of checked baggage for domestic customers.

If you show up at the airport for a domestic flight and want to check in luggage that hasn’t been pre-booked, you’ll be charged $60, up from $50 currently. If your checked bag weighs more than 15kg, you’ll also have to pay $15 for EACH EXTRA kilo.

News.com.au have done the maths, and it means that for the heaviest suitcase available, 32kg, you could potentially end up paying $315 JUST to check in.

It may be seriously annoying, but not all that surprising, as budget carriers get most of their profit from extra charges, such as seat selection, in-flight meals - and baggage check in.

The bottom line? Shop around, as jumping right for the budget airline may not ACTUALLY be the cheapest way to fly around the country.

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