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The Hotel In The Maldives You Can Actually Afford To Stay In

If you’ve been dreaming of packing your bags and heading to paradise for a holiday, then you’ve just been #blessed from above.

The Maldives seems like one of those places you reserve for your honeymoon, and even then, it’s on the exxy scale. It’s flippin’ paradise for goodness sake.


Well, one hotel is determined to open up the Maldives to those who never thought they’d be able to enjoy the crystal clear water and stunning views.


Kandima Maldives is not only one of the most aesthetically pleasing place on earth, but it’s also an entirely new (and exciting) concept for the Maldives.


Just 45-minutes in a seaplane from Male, Kandima is situated on a lush tropical island and features a large natural lagoon.

The best part?

Prices to stay start at just $250 a night. Nope, we’re not missing a zero.


That price per person per night includes what’s called ‘half board’ (Breakfast & Dinner daily). I know - MENTAL.

Kandima has 10 bars and restaurants on the island, including a steak house, Chinese and Mediterranean restaurants, a beach club and an adults only cocktail bar.


Basically holy sh*t is what I thought when I first saw the pics.

Forgot a stay up the coast, I’m going to the FLIPPIN’ MALDIVES!


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