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Why You Should NEVER Have Sex In An Aeroplane Toilet

If you're planning a holiday with your other half anytime soon and were thinking, hey, what better way to pass the time than to make a trip to the mile high club...?

You may want to rethink this and opt for a movie instead, because it turns out that plane lavatories aren't as private as we thought!

Rumour has it that most planes actually have a secret latch on the toilet door that allows someone on the outside to unlock it!

And where might the location of this hidden device be? Apparently it's hiding underneath the metal "lavatory" sign on the door. All you have to do to access it is to lift up the sign (which we're assuming mustn't be hard to do) and flick the catch underneath it to unlock the door!

Seriously I'm not making this up...even though it might sound like part of the plot from a cheesy spy movie.

Now of course, this super secret feature is there for a reason, which is in case a flight attendant has to access the toilets in case of an emergency (i.e. if someone is suffering from health problems or they get stuck inside).

But of course it is a bit worrying to know that what goes on behind locked doors may not be as private as we once thought!

You may actually get caught with your pants down...whether that's getting busy or using the toilet for it's actual purpose!

We'd suggest trying to keep it in your pants for the length of your flight next time...unless you're extremely coordinated and can manage the foot against the door trick to stop people once and for all from coming in!

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