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WA Police Issue Trick Or Treat Posters For Households

WA Police have reminded parents of some basic safety tips for children participating in trick or treating on Halloween, otherwise known as Tuesday evening.

And along with the advice, WA Police have re-issued a couple of posters so ‘the rest of us’ can indicate whether we’re down with trick or treaters… or not.

Their tips include:

- Plan a route

- Keep to well-lit areas

- Never trick or treat alone

- Use a torch

- Look both ways before crossing the street

- Eat only factory-wrapped treats

- Only visit homes indicating they’re participating

- Never accept rides from strangers

The post, of course, also attracted a ton of comments about Halloween, a rabbithole topic that continues to divide Australia.

The thing is, most reckoned the posters were a great idea, so we’ve popped them here as well…

If you’re happy to have trick or treaters – click here

If you’re not keen – click here

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